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colour greeting cards
with envelopes
(size 15x15cm)

£1.25 each

greeting card stourhead woods
greeting card autumn trees
greeting card stour at dawn
card romanesque church
card hawthorn tree
card 12 drummers  
gc01 stourhead woods
gc02 autumn trees
gc03 stour at dawn
gc04 roman. church
no longer available
gc06 twelve drummers

colour greeting card
with envelopes
(size 21x15cm)


card new forest landscape
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gc07 new forest landscape
black & white greeting cards
with envelopes (sizes 10x15cm and 10x10cm)

£.080 each
£3.50 for set of 5

black&white greeting card farmhouse black&white greeting card falling black&white greeting card angel black&white greeting card private view black&white greeting card new dress  
gb01 farmhouse
gb02 falling
gb03 angel
gb04 private view
gb05 new dress

colour postcards(size 10x15cm)

£.060 each
£3.00 for set of 6

colour card confluence colour card pine trees colour card willows colour card dancing trees colour card one tree colour card eleven trees
c01 confluence
c02 pine trees
c03 willows
c04 dancing
c05 one tree

c06 eleven trees

black & white postcards
(size 10x15cm)

£.050 each
£3.00 for set of 7

black&white card colber bridge lack&white card otter black&white card fish black&white card morwenstow church black&white card gillingham station black&white card willows black&white card love
bw01 colber bridge
bw02 otter
bw03 fish
bw04 morwenstow
bw05 gillingham
bw06 willows
bw07 love


50 Wessex Artists
(including PU)

Intimate Space
Artist Face


50 wessex artist book cover
intimate space artist face catalogue cover