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oil Dartmoor Barn with Tree
watercolour View on Vixen Tor
oil the stour at cut mill
oil the stour at gillingham
watercolour stour at gillingham
Dartmoor Barn & tree
View on Vixen Tor (watercolour)
Stour at Cut Mill
River Shreen at Gillingham
Shreen at Gillingham (watercolour)
oil early one morning
oil clouds over west knoyle
oil confluence at kings mill
oil tree in hedgerow
oil landscape with fields and trees
Early one morning
Clouds over hill, W Knoyle
Confluence at Kings Mill
Tree in hedgerow
Landscape, fields & trees
church at iguerande
view of briant
painting confluence
small french landscape
oil cloudy day in august study
oil painting view of briant
Church at Iguerande
Landscape & small trees
French Landscape
Cloudy day in August
View of Briant, France
painting big willow
painting dancing trees
painting summer day
painting dream 2
painting dream 1
painting six oval trees
Big Willow
Dancing Trees
Summer Day
Dream (2)
Dream (1)
Six Oval Trees
painting long orchard
painting eleven trees
painting roman pine trees
paintin one tree
painting red orchard
Long Orchard
Eleven Trees
Roman Pine Trees
One Tree
Red Orchard
painting 3 red trees
painting 4 blue trees
painting heartland
painting green orchard
paintin 7 trees
3 Red Trees
4 Blue Trees
Green Orchard
Seven Trees
work in wood the yew speaks
Trees by the river
drawing hawthorn tree
drawing new forest landscape
drawing landscape 1 drawing early one morning drawing river stour backwaters
drawing duncliffe wood
Hawthorn Tree (1)
New Forest Landscape
Landscape (1)
Early One Morning
River Stour backwaters
Duncliffe Wood
drawing always take the long way home
drawing cloudy day in august
drawing cloudy day in august 2
drawing landscape with fields and trees
drawing on hambledon hill
charcoal drawing Dartmoor view on Vixen Tor
The long way home
Cloudy Day in August
Cloudy Day in August (2)
Fields & trees
On Hambledon Hill
View on Vixen Tor
all works by Peter Ursem - click on image to enlarge and see details