engraving love

linoprint, edition 25
image dimensions 600mmx 400mm
£200 framed, £160 unframed
words by the artist


It happens to us all -
First we stand up, then we fall
What's more, it seems to occur
all the time and everywhere
and to most things aspiring to rise

Small things for example:
a pen rolls off the desk
the nail slips from your hand
a cup flies off the shelf

Things come down, crashing down
or featherlike and graciously

Water rises, but it will fall
trees will one day face the axe
the bird that climbs must sometime fold its wings
the spider drops, albeit on a string

Cliffs they crumble into the sea
stars drop from the sky
the poets words fall out of place
lovers fall from grace
and one day I return to clay

We mostly think that life is rising - going up
In fact, it's not
We strive but all
is really about how to fall

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