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Counterparts Music Theatre Arts Ltd is registered in England & Wales
Charity no: 1109259 / Company no: 5398076
Company address: Gresham House, Albaston, Cornwall PL18 9AB, England

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Counterparts Music Theatre Arts

Counterparts Music Theatre Arts (MTA) is a charitable limited company, working to enable the creation, performance or exhibition of new works of music, theatre and art, of the highest possible quality, for the benefit of people, artists and audiences in England (with a particular interest in the South West) and Wales.

Counterparts' first creative production, ‘The Highwayman & Other Songs from the Shadows’, featuring music by Helen Porter for 7 voices and 7 instruments and shadow animation by Joe Gladwin, toured the southwest region of England in October/November 2006. A next production, '4 Venetian Interludes', composed by Helen Porter, had its world premiere by Sarum Orchestra on 17 January 2009 at Salisbury Arts Centre. Since then Counterparts produced a series of educational and community projects, including 'Love Letters or How far will you go?' (2010), 'Swing' (2012) and 'Vintage Love Songs' (2013). For more details click here.

In the course of 2016 we will be developing a new project celebrating Trees in the Tamar Valley.