counterparts with tamar valley background
  Counterparts-UK brings together the work of composer and singer Helen Porter and fine artist Peter Ursem. Living in England since 1998, they produce high quality music, theatre and arts activities in the region – performances, workshops and residentials. Affiliated with Counterparts-UK is the charitable organisation Counterparts Music Theatre Arts.

Helen divides her time between composition, singing and teaching. Music projects have taken her all over the UK and the Netherlands. She is a versatile singer, and performs regularly with the jazz cabaret quartet Misbehavin’.

Peter is an artist specialising in painting and printmaking. His work has been exhibited frequently in England and The Netherlands. He is the proud owner of a Hopkinson & Cope Albion Press no. 2787.

In February 2011 Helen and Peter moved to Gresham House in the Tamar Valley. From their studios, with breathtaking views over the surrounding landscape, they run inspirational workshops in singing and printmaking.

Counterparts UK Ltd
Company registration number: 5023506

photo helen and peter